January 28, 2012

Carving a Path

This week, I was blessed with learning another new technique; carving out a path along the edge of a cake. One very special birthday boy asked for an action cake of Indian Jones specifically the mine cart chase. This carved cake creates the perfect stage for the edible adventures of Indiana Jones!

To get started, I cut both ten by two inch cakes layers in half to create four layers. Between each is a quarter inch of red buttercream to represent the lava in this action scene. Using chocolate buttercream, I crumb-coated the cake and let set for thirty minutes.

Using a toothpick, I marked a spiral line around the cake starting at the top and working my way down to the bottom edge. Having the cake on a turn table will make this step a breeze!

Insert toothpicks about every inch along the line to help maintain a smooth, even curve when carving. There is no room for mistakes!

The top of the cake also needs to be marked to keep the path going down your cake an even width. I needed lots of space so I chose to make marks two and a half inches in from the edge. Start across from the highest toothpick on the cakes edge and end just after the last toothpick on the bottom of the cake.

Using a serrated knife cut all along the outside edge of your cake just above the toothpicks. Be careful to not cut too deep. You can always go back and make a deeper cut.

Now start to cut into your cake using the top toothpicks to guide you. I found it easiest to work in chunks. Cut into the cake going a few inches in lenth then cutting the chunk of cake off. Working in smaller sections like this allowed me to see if the path was still level. It's also a lot of cake that's being cut off. It kept the job a lot neater.

The cake will have a nice curve when finished. 

Remove all the toothpicks and apply a crumb coat to the exposed cake.

Because there was so much cake cut off, so I opted to place it all on another cake circle along with a bag of extra buttercream and the leftover cookies (I crumbled those up and smashed them into the final buttercream coat to creat the look of a mine). These extras were boxed up and delivered to the customer for them to enjoy after the party or have on hand for extra serving as needed.

 The finished product:

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6


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