About Me

Baking has been a love of mine since I was a little girl. Blessed with my dad's sweet tooth (it's a Shriver thing!) I have a deep appreciation for anything that contains at least a cup of sugar and any amount of chocolate. My first baking lesson took place with my mom who allowed me to bake to my hearts desire while my dad and brother happily devoured my creations. Cakes were never my favorite treat to make though; I'm a brownie girl!

In 2010 I was looking for a new crafty activity and decided to sign-up for a local Wilton cake decorating class with no intentions of taking what I learned any farther than what the class taught. I don't think anyone who knows me was surprised, but I saw that cake decorating was natural for me. A combination of baking with being creative and decorating, I think I could love this! After the first Wilton course for beginner cakes, life happened and I was not able to continue on with the next level. Instead of packing up my decorating supplies and pushing it to the back of a cupboard, I began to teach myself and learn from information and tutorials online. I was hooked and my husband was up for the adventure as it meant more beaters for him to lick!

In March of 2011, I started the Baking In Faith blog sensing that the Lord had something to say through me and the gift He had given. Friends began asking for cakes and my skills ballooned in a matter of months. I have been so blessed with this gift to decorate cakes and wish I had realized it years ago, but it's all in His time!

I hope you learn something from my blog whether a new cake skill or the immense love Jesus has for you and the grace He wants you to accept. Thanks for stopping by to spend a few moments with me here at Baking In Faith.

Love in Christ,